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Synergy Fenster Solutions has been manufacturing and providing solutions to its customers since the last decade. They provide the most superior and advanced quality of windows and doors manufactured from the world's largest uPVC manufacturers, Kӧmmerling. Today uPVC is the most sought after window material and its market share in INDIA is constantly growing. Synergy Fenster Solutions offers a large variety of window and door systems. Every design wish can be fulfilled with different framing materials and window accessories.

Our Product range comes with a 20 Year warranty. Kӧmmerling – started their journey 125 years back and is the oldest and the world’s most preferred brand in uPVC Doors & Windows sytems.

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Product Range

Environment Friendly

Our windows are very much Environment Friendly. They contribute to protecting our climate, due to being led free, we are only brand having the Green Line Certification. They contribute to energy saving due to recognise heat insulations properties.

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Heat Insulation Feature

They contribute to protecting our climate, due to the well recognized heat insulation properties.

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Our products are highly durable.

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Sound Reduction

Sound Reduction Windows

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Aesthetic Looks

We provide windows with Aesthetic Looks.

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Dust Proof

We provide dust proof quality windows.

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Synergy Fenster Solution

Doors and Window System

Door System

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Window System

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Window & Door System

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Glasswin System

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Casement Window System

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Sliding Door System

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Synergy Fenster Solution


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ISO 9001 SGS Certified, China
GOTEZICHEN Certified, Austria
NF Certified, France
VKF AEAI Certified, Switzerland
PCT Certified, Russia
UL Certified, America
KOMO Certified, Newzealand
IFT ROSENHEIM, Certified, Germany
EMI Certified, Hungary
BSI Registered, England
Synergy Fenster Solution


GREENLINE, a registered KOMMERLING trademark, is the name given to U­PVC window profiles made using the latest stabilizers. Underlying this convention is contract stipulating the conditions that must be met by the undersigned window manufacturer in order to be entitled to use the greenline trademark.

The purpose of this agreement regulating the use of the trademark is to contractually specify the particular environmental responsibility of the undersigned window manufacturer and of profine, recognisable form for the benefit of builders and architects.

The greenline Convention provides builders with written confirmation that, with their outstanding combination of materials, these state­of­the­art windows cause the minimum environmental impact. Under the terms of this agreement, the window manufacturers and profine undertake to abide by the seven stipulations listed. Use of the greenline mark is only permitted when all the conditions mentioned have been met, and in addition, when this trademark contract has been signed by both partners, the window manufacturer and profine, and has become legally effective. This agreement is available for inspection at any time by any interested persons. Windows bearing the greenline mark must be made with profine profiles, and proof must be provided. This proof takes the form of the greenline Declaration on the order confirmation or the invoice, profine gives its contractual partners a guarantee that the fresh U­PVC used to make its window profiles contains the latest calcium/zinc stabilizers in place of lead and/or are made from recycled PVC­U. The window manufacturer gives an undertaking to abide by the relevant quality directives in all respects, form the correct manufacture of the structural elements to the installation by experts, and to supply a quality product that conforms to the latest technical standards.

The window manufacturer declares that no environmentally harmful materials have been used in the installation and sealing of the structural elements. The structural elements, which are manufactured in accordance with the greenline Convention, may be marked with a lable attached to the profile bearing the greenline symbol. Partners in the greenline scheme, and profine, will support joint marketing measures by the contractual partners to publicize greenline. Adherence to the terms of this contract is the responsibility of the respective contractual party, with its own services, profine does not assume overall responsibility. Through the use of the greenline symbol the window manufacturer does not acquire any rights to this trademark.

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Synergy Fenster Solution

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Ms. Anisha Chaturvedy

Happy Customer

We were amazed at the quality and professionalism of Kommerling Windows and Doors services by Synergy Fenster Solutions....

Mr. Vikash Agarwal

Happy Customer

Kommerling Windows were fantastic to deal with and I have an outstanding product experience with Synergy Fenster Solutions..........

Calcutta International School

Happy Customer

The workmanship of both Kommerling and Synergy Fenster Solutions is excellent; they appeared when they said they would, were courteous at all times, worked fast, and did not leave a mess! Can't ask for more than that! Highly recommended..........

Mr. Manish Dokania

Happy Customer

We confidently recommend Synergy Fenster Solutions to anyone wanting a top class job that solves a window problem............

Synergy Fenster Solutions

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